Images of Maine
Evergreen tree   After a Snowstorm in Maine   Snowshoe trail in Maine
#1 Evergreen Tree   #2 After Snowstorm   #3 Snowshoe Trail
After an Ice Storm in Maine   Maine fall colors   Newry, Maine
#4 After Ice Storm   #5 Maine Fall Colors   #6 Newry, Maine
Screw Auger Falls   Tory Hill in Phillips, Maine   Billings Dam in So Paris, Maine
#7 ScrewAuger Falls   #8 Tory Hill, Phillips   #9 Billings Dam-So Paris
Norway Lake, Maine   Spring dandelions and rhubarb in Maine   Ladies slippers in Maine
#10 Norway Lake, ME   #11 Spring Dandelions
        and Rhubarb
  #12 Ladies' Slippers
Tulips in Maine   Apple blossoms in Maine   Hicks Pond in Greenwood, Maine
#13 Maine Tulips   #14 Maine Apple Blossoms   #15 Hicks Pond
        in Greenwood
Hay bales in West Paris, Maine   Pine tree trail in Maine   Image of horse
#16 Hay Bales West Paris   #17 Pine Tree Trail   #18 Horse Head in Sky
Image of horse   Siamese cat and Arabian horse    
#19 Horse in Daisies   #20 Siamese Cat
        & Arabian Horse
  • Patricia P Gott

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    Ms. Gott has been an
    outdoor photographer
    for sixteen years.
    Her Images of Maine
    have been exhibited
    in local businesses
    and at art festivals.

    For other inquiries,
    contact Ms. Gott at

    or by mail at:

    PRGott Photography
    PO Box 43
    Norway, ME 04268

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